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It is important to be aware and understand that there are significant differences compared to Western countries regarding car insurances and responsibility in case of damages. For example, in most of the Southern African countries such as Namibia and Botswana, it is not obliged to have any car insurance. In practice this means, that the majority of the cars do not have any insurance at all and that the owners and/or car users are personally responsible for any damages and compensation in case of an accident or damages.


Standard Excess:

All rental cars have a standard third-party insurance (without excess) and are insured in case of traffic accidents for approximately 90% of the replacement value of the vehicle. The client/renter is responsible for the excess level of the remaining 10% during the agreed rental period. The exact excess level is different per vehicle class.

The chosen excess level will be blocked (authorization only) on the credit card (VISA or MasterCard) of the contract holder, which is required before hand over of the vehicle. Please note that the excess amount will be blocked only (authorization only) and not deducted from your credit card. This authorization is automatically cancelled when the car is returned and there are no damages reported.

Besides the general exclusions, terms & conditions, with this type of insurance, glass and tyre damages are not covered and will be the responsibility of the client.

Please note that the client is always liable for the damages of the rented vehicle up to the chosen level of excess, independent of who caused the accident or who is guilty, meaning this is also applicable in case the damages or accident is caused by a third party.


Super Cover: N$350.00 per day
Tyre & Glass Cover: N$260.00 per day (Excludes wheel rims)

Excess Amounts:

Super Cover: N$4 500.00
Tyre & Glass Cover: N$18 000.00
No Cover: N$45 000.00


The following is excluded by the insurance:

Personal Property
Personal Injury/Death
Tyre & Glass Damage (Please see optional Insurance above)
Water Damage
Under-carriage damage not caused by a collision.
Any accessories/equipment that comes with the vehicle, other than factory fitted / -supplied vehicle specific standard vehicle accessories/equipment.


The following will negate all insurance cover:

Gross and / or criminal negligence.
Unauthorized drivers and drivers under the age of 25 years.
Failing to obtain authorization to extend the rental.
Not reporting an accident or loss within 24 hours from occurrence.
Not adhering to traffic, road and driving rules and regulations.
Driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.
Unsuitable or reckless driving.
Road conditions not suitable for the type of vehicle used.
Unauthorized cross border rentals.
Not being able to produce keys in case of theft.
Not reporting exact details of last known location of vehicle prior to theft.
Driving through water be it fresh or salt water.
Driving through saltpans or on the beach.
Driving through dense bush i.e. bush scratching the paintwork of the vehicle.
Driving in the dunes.
Any malicious, negligent or deliberate behaviour of the renter / driver (e.g. standing on top of the vehicles; not adhering to traffic rules; etc.
Where an accident was caused by the driver, due to speeding, negligent or deliberate driving, vehicle driven on roads not marked or unsuitable for the type of vehicle or for instance driving into the back of another vehicle.
By negligence or speed exceeding 80km/h on gravel roads and 120km/h on tar roads. (All our vehicles have tracking devices).
Driving before sunrise and after sunset outside of towns.
Areas disallowed and roads restricted by Mufasa Car Rental and Safaris.

In which case the client will be responsible for the full amount of damage or car value.


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